If we’re honest, Truth & Tails was probably more than a little bit influenced by Alice’s favourite episode of Black Books in which the characters write a children’s book, get carried away in contemplating their success, then destroy the book because they’re terrified of becoming too famous. (If you’re also a fan, see if you can spot the reference at the end of Roxy the Raccoon!)

On a serious note, we were having a conversation about our own favourite children’s films and books, and how fantastic it would be if there was a straightforward, sensitive, and easy way to explain difficult concepts like feminism, racism, gender, or sexuality to children so that they grow up with a sense of understanding, empathy, and wholehearted acceptance of those who are different to them.

As we thought more about the idea, we realised that WE could write those stories.

And so, the idea for Truth & Tails was born.

Truth …because we believe in being honest with children from the moment they’re old enough to ask questions about the issues we’re tackling.

Tails …because each one of our stories is told by loveable, colourful animal characters.

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