Molly the Mole

Molly is a mole with many friends, including a deer, a butterfly, and an owl. Sometimes Molly feels sad because she doesn’t look the same as her friends, and feels very different to them. By helping each of them out with a task, Molly learns that her friends love her for the amazing qualities that are unique just to her. Find out more

Vincent the Vixen

Vincent is a boy fox who loves to play dress up with their brothers and sisters, but when they always choose to dress up as female characters, Vincent’s siblings begin to wonder why. Vincent comes to realise that they are actually a girl fox, and with the support of friends and family they transition to living as their true self. Find out more

Carlos the Chameleon

As a chameleon, it’s in Carlos’s nature to change his colours. He can turn pink to join the flamingos, blue to match the frogs, and spotty to resemble the jaguars. When the other animals find out that Carlos has been changing his colours to fit in, they reassure him that he doesn’t need to change who he is. Find out more

Roxy the Raccoon

Roxy lives in the forest with her three best friends, who she loves to visit and play games with. Roxy is in a wheelchair, so sometimes it is harder for her to go to the same places and play the same games as the other animals. Roxy and her friends realise that by making a few small changes and working together, they can make the forest a better place for everyone. Find out more

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