A Story to Help Empower Children to Be Themselves

As a chameleon, it’s in Carlos’s nature to change his colours in order to fit into his surroundings. Carlos is usually green, but can turn pink to join the flamingos, blue to match the frogs, and spotty to resemble the jaguars.

When the other animals find out that Carlos has been changing his colours in order to fit in, they reassure him that his own colour is beautiful and that he doesn’t need to change who he is to be accepted and loved by his friends.

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“Carlos the Chameleon’s strong desire to be liked by ‘fitting in’ mirrors what many children are struggling with on a daily basis.”
– Jane Evans, childhood trauma and parenting expert and author of Cyril Squirrel Finds Out About Love and How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?

“Carlos is a lovely vibrant green, but when he plays with the other animals he changes the way he looks so he can fit in. He worries that his friends wouldn’t like him otherwise. But by the story’s end Carlos has realised that the best way to make friends and be happy is to be himself. The artwork in this book is absolutely gorgeous – lots of bright colours and funky patterns – and the story carries the message that I most want my daughter to understand: we’re all different, and that’s a good thing.”
— Amazon Review by PlastigFfantastig

“This is a truly beautiful story for kids about not having to change yourself in order to fit in. The illustrations are stunning and the message is on-point (both for kids and adults alike).”
— Amazon Review

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