A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity

Vincent is a boy fox who loves to play dress up with their brothers and sisters, but when they always choose to dress up as female characters, Vincent’s siblings begin to wonder why.

Vincent comes to realise that they are actually a girl fox, and with the support of friends and family they transition to living as their true self. This is the story of one fox’s journey torealising their gender identity and the importance of being who you are.

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“Beautifully illustrated and a simple introduction to the complex topic of gender, gender identity, and gender expression.”
– Fox Fisher, film-maker, artist, and trans campaigner

“This is a wonderful children’s​ book. A really useful resource for discussing Diversity, and Gender Identity with Young People. A definite must-read for anyone discussing Diversity, Gender, or LGBT issues.”
— Amazon review by Aimee Challenor

“A wonderfully written, charmingly illustrated book that sensitively deals with issues of gender identity from the perspective of Vincent the fox cub. Definitely recommended for all children (and grown ups too!) as an excellent example of empathy and acceptance.”
— Amazon review by Cappy

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